Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More on ISDC 2008

I just got the latest National Space Society Downlink #84 email. One of the topics covered is the ISDC 2008 Conference. I mentioned earlier that Peter Diamandis is scheduled to speak there; the Downlink also lists Anousheh Ansari and Robert Bigelow (2 major space prize sponsors) as speakers (Bigelow in the "invited" category). Of course there are plenty of other interesting speakers without such direct prize connections (that I happen to recognize).

The Downlink also lists the tracks at the conference. One of the tracks is "Prizes and Competitions". At first glance I like the distribution of track subject matter. Here's the full list:
  • Space Tourism
  • Prizes and Competitions
  • Space Business and Entrepreneurs
  • NASA's COTS Program
  • Lunar Exploration
  • Mars Exploration
  • Space Settlement
  • Space Solar Power
  • Space Law
  • Space Medicine
  • Space Environment and Space Weather
  • Near Earth Objects and Planetary Defense
  • International Space Programs