Sunday, January 27, 2008

Political Links

Since this site does occasionally cover politics as it pertains to space prizes (for example, see the Politics tag below for other posts related to politics, and the Politics section on the right), I thought I'd follow the lead of Action for Space in this political season in the U.S. and add some relevant links on the right. These include email contacts for Presidential candidates in a new "Political Contacts" section and links to a couple of prize-related bills in the "Politics" section. I won't comment on the specifics of candidates or bills now (I have, however, discussed some of them in past posts). To keep neutral the candidate lists are in alphabetical order.

Of course emails and phone calls, while convenient, aren't the most effective way to express whatever your political convictions are. For example, candidates respond much better to personal contact like ProSpace's March Storm or, as Jim Muncy noted in this Space Show interview, volunteering in a campaign and influencing it from within.