Friday, January 18, 2008

Will Pomerantz on the Google NASA Talk

Yesterday I posted on Google CEO Eric Schmidt's talk on NASA's anniversary. That was just based on an article I read, but the X PRIZE Foundation's Will Pomerantz was there, and posts a lot more about the talk. There's quite a lot about prizes like Centennial Challenges and the Google Lunar X PRIZE in Schmidt's talk and Pomerantz's analysis. There's also a lot about other important topics, like opening up NASA and making it more responsive to the public using models familiar to companies like Google.

At the end of his post, Will has a number of other notes of interest:

Dr. Bob Richards, the CEO of Odyssey Moon, was on The Hour tonight. Worth watching!

Tomorrow--Friday, January 18th--we'll be presenting the Conrad Award at NASA HQ. It should be broadcast live on NASA TV. I'll post more about this on Tuesday

Also on Tuesday, I'll be speaking at a Congressional Nanotechnology Caucus briefing entitled: "Nanotechnology and Innovation, Commercialization, and Prize Competitions" over in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. Should be fun--hopefully I'll blog about that next Tuesday!

The Pete Conrad Award press release is found in a lot of places - for example, see Earth Times.

RLV News has a post with a number of prize-related pieces, including Will's post. It also links to the fast-paced interview of Dr. Bob Richards that Will mentioned.

Wired Science has more on the Google speech, including a video of part of the speech. You should be able to find the rest of it by clicking on the video and going to YouTube.