Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Latest Draft of Space Access '08 Speakers With Prize-Related Additions

The first draft of speakers at Space Access '08 has been updated, and since 2 of the additions are prize-related, I'm going to make a copy of the latest speaker list here:

Confirmed SA'08 presentations so far: AFRL FAST/RASTE/Commercial Partnerships, Armadillo Aerospace, Ken Davidian/NASA ESMD Commercial Development, FAA AST, Flometrics, Frontier Astronautics, Jordin Kare/LaserMotive, Masten Space, Jim Muncy/PoliSpace, Misuzu Onuki, Rocketplane LLC, Space Propellant Depots Panel with Jon Goff, Dallas Bienhoff, Frank Zegler, and Rand Simberg, Space Studies Institute, SpeedUp, Henry Spencer, Unreasonable Rocket, XCOR Aerospace. Keep an eye on this space for more as the conference approaches.

The prize-related additions to the list are Ken Davidian, recently manager of NASA Centennial Challenges (and who in all likelihood will be able to discuss these challenges if asked, whether or not they're in his official presentation plans) and Jordin Kare from Space Elevator Games team LaserMotive.