Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pomerantz on Lunar X PRIZE, Virtual Lunar Reality, and Kamen

William Pomerantz has another major X PRIZE Foundation post.

One thing that he mentions is that you should check out the redesigned Google Lunar X PRIZE site. It's going to have a lot of activity, because they're going to announce a number of new teams soon. Like Odyssey Moon, the new registered teams will need to keep up regular posting activity at the site, so we know right off the bat there will be a lot of dynamic content on the page for that reason alone.

Spaceref confirms the new teams with a press release about an X PRIZE Foundation event at Google Headquarters to announce the new teams, and not only that, but a new "preferred partner". Preferred partners are organizations that may offer special deals that to help GLXP teams achieve their goal.

Back to Will's post ... he gives a demo of the GLXP requirement to take a 360 degree image with some regular photos of a famous site mosaicked together to make a full-surround scene. He also discusses some of the cool, useful, and important projects that X PRIZE Foundation board member Dean Kamen has worked on, and one promising new one.