Saturday, February 23, 2008

Videos and Articles on New Lunar X PRIZE Teams

San Francisco's ABC Channel 7 has a news video about the new Google Lunar X PRIZE teams. The link also has a separate video interview of Googles Sergei Brin. Free Space includes a video by Peter Diamandis about the announcement right in front of the Google SpaceShipOne replica, where William Pomerantz's video blog post yesterday was from.

YouTube has a video on the origin of the GLXP by Peter Diamandis. The two X PRIZE Foundation videos I mentioned above have also been loaded to YouTube.

Finally, the Space Fellowship discusses Interplanetary Ventures, a potential GLXP team that hasn't been officially register yet, but that appears to be busy nevertheless.

Update (February 24): FREDNET posts a bit about the event, and may post more later.