Sunday, February 10, 2008

X PRIZE Foundation YouTube Channel Updates

According to the X PRIZE Foundation YouTube Channel, several videos have been uploaded to the channel recently.

  • Added yesterday, here's a video directed at the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams where Peter Diamandis describes the BlastOff Story.
  • Here's one where the X PRIZE Foundation gives an overview of the Foundation's vision. It gives a quick look at all of the current X PRIZEs (Lunar, Genomics, and although it doesn't have the "X PRIZE" title, Lunar Lander Challenge), hints about future ones (Automotive, Medical, Education, Energy, Global Entrepreneurship), and a look at the one that was won (Ansari).
  • This one describes the Genomics X PRIZE, and the reasons for having it, in detail. This one very quickly hints at X PRIZEs related to Water and Nanotechnology, but that's a second in the 5 minute video mainly on the Genomics prize.

I'm not sure how old the videos are, but the YouTube site says the last 2 were uploaded to that site 3 weeks and 3 days ago, respectively.

There are other recently loaded ones that I happen to already have mentioned in earlier posts.