Saturday, March 15, 2008

Automotive X PRIZE March '08 Roundup

It's been a while since I linked the latest from X PRIZE Cars, but by now you should be checking there for your Automotive X PRIZE updates anyway. I check there frequently, although I don't post about it regularly (since, as I said, you should be going there by now). Here's the briefest of brief overviews; if you check out the X PRIZE Cars posts, and then check the links, you'll see that there's a LOT of activity in the AXP arena:

Automotive X PRIZE to launch at New York Auto Show - The official announcement of the Automotive X PRIZE is on March 20 at the NY Auto Show. The most anticipated announcements are probably the title sponsor and the prize amount and breakdown, but a lot of other details will be announced, too. Check the post if you want to ask X PRIZE Cars to try to ask the AXP folks a question at the event.

Waiting Lists for Green Cars - X PRIZE Cars does some homework to find out how many orders have been made for some of the super-efficient cars like the Tesla Roadster, ZAP Alias, Aptera, and more. Will the AXP cause the already-long waiting lists to get even longer?

Green Cars Lexicon - The blog makes a dictionary for those AXP terms

Commuter Cars Corp. Tango - another spotlight on a company and car

About X PRIZE Cars - an overview of the AXP and the blog, with some good starting articles, including what's also my favorite so far (I think I even blogged so at the time), the Wired article.

Comparing the X PRIZE Cars - a handy and presumably still growing reference chart with links to the details about each car

The meat and potatoes are in the news roundups - for example, from March 9, March 2, Feb 24, and Feb 18.

I should also mention the latest news coming out of the Automotive X PRIZE itself: a U.S. Senate resolution praising the Automotive X PRIZE. That follows a similar resolution from the U.S. House of Representatives. It would be cool to see similar support for the AXP from other countries.