Monday, March 31, 2008

Diamandis at University of Akron has a article about the X PRIZE Foundation's Peter Diamandis giving a speech at the University of Akron. He's working on getting more cities lined up to host the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE:

Diamandis told the crowd of about 50 UA students, professors and community members that 10 U.S. cities would be chosen over the next few months to host tests for the cars in different conditions.
Akron City Council President Marco Sommerville, who was among those in attendance, asked Diamandis how Akron could become one of those 10 cities.
Diamandis said requests for proposals would be released within two weeks.
''I'd love to have Akron be one of the cities,'' he said.

In addition to XPF prize plans that I've mentioned in other posts, he mentions another class of prizes:

smaller-based prizes for local communities or groups to solve local problems

He also has other business in the area, including a Zero-G plan that might involve NASA Glenn:

While in Northeast Ohio, Diamandis was also planning speaking to Medina company RPM International Inc. about incentive programs and the Cleveland Foundation about flying top math and science teachers in Ohio on Diamandis' Zero-G flights.