Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LunaTrex Outreach; Quantum3 at Goddard Memorial Dinner, and More GLXP

The X PRIZE Foundation news ticker points to a press release about Google Lunar X PRIZE Team LunaTrex and its sponsorship of University of Dayton Advanced Rocket Team (UDART). The information is also in a LunaTrex post on the GLXP Teams page.

Here's some information from Orion Propulsion, part of the LunaTrex team, about community outreach with the UDART team (among other outreach efforts).

Quantum3 also gives us an update on the GLXP teams page on thoughts on commercial space at the Goddard Memorial Dinner.

Meanwhile, RLV News gives a link to an Areo-News video on the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams announcement. A full (~1 hour) video of the presentation is at YouTube, too, although there are some differences in the different filmings.