Monday, March 03, 2008

TRUMPF Gets 2 More Laser Teams

According to the Space Elevator Blog, two more Beam Power teams are going with TRUMPF lasers: the National Space Society Space Elevator Team and TXL Group.

Update (Mar 4): The SE Blog also has an update from E-T-C.

Update (Mar 5): On top of that, the SE Blog also has an update from the McGill Space Elevator Team, including a new logo and an SE Blog email interview. Here's the blog's summary of the 2008 team status so far:

So this makes at least seven teams (USST, Lasermotive, the TXL Group, the Kansas City Space Pirates, the Queens Space Engineering team, the National Space Society and the McGill team) that are planning on using lasers to power their climber this year.

Update (again!) (Mar 7): MClimber from the University of Michigan is also going to be using TRUMPF. They're going to try to win in 2009, with 2008 as a test run.