Monday, March 10, 2008

Unreasonable Rocket Helicopter, Tanks, Shuttle, and Parts

This is a catch-up for 2 Unreasonable Rocket posts on pictures of unreasonable rocket parts and fighting to make progress with the helicopter and tanks.

There's also a section about wanting to watch the Shuttle launch. I have to say as a spectator to all of this rocketry stuff I'd rather see a couple X PRIZE Cup Unreasonable Rocket and/or other successful Lunar Lander Challenge launches and landings than a Shuttle launch, and I don't stand to win a cent on the LLC. I'm also not nearly as "1 track minded" about space prizes as you might think from my selection of niche for this blog. In spite of having a critical attitude about the Shuttle and the ISS, I'm quite enthusiastic about this phase of the ISS construction where habitable nodes and labs are being added and ISS capability is growing considerably.

Nevertheless I think Paul made the right decision. He doesn't have to go to Florida to see a really cool rocket.