Wednesday, March 05, 2008

X PRIZE Foundation Newsletter, Feb 29, 2008

The X PRIZE Foundation sent out its latest newsletter, the February 29 edition. The link-rich email includes a summary of the first 10 GLXP team and Space Florida announcements, and a featured GLXP Lunar Legacy photo. There's also a bit about the Automotive X PRIZE at the New York International Auto Show where

The exhibit space will include videos about the Automotive X PRIZE, showcasing of potential teams and their vehicles and new, exciting announcements about the prize.

Finally, there's a section on a dinner honoring new X PRIZE Foundation Vision Circle members:

The X PRIZE Foundation welcomed the latest members of the Vision Circle, Sergey Brin and Ann Wojcicki; Ray Sidney; and Barry and Trudy Silverstein whose son, Jake, will represent the family. The dinner was hosted by Bita Daryabari at her home in Atherton on February 16.