Monday, April 07, 2008

Annual Moonbuggy Race Results

Space for All links to the results of the 15th Great Moonbuggy Race. I guess the real lunar rovers never had to deal with flooded craters.

One of the NASA Centennial Challenges proposed in a batch of 6 ideas was a "lunar ATV". I wonder if it would help the Centennial Challenges funding prospects if the lunar ATV were specified as one of the Challenges to be funded, and the lunar ATV demonstration or contest was required to be held in conjunction with the Great Moonbuggy Race? Holding these 2 together or near each other in space and time would, I suspect, help both events in terms of publicity and fun.

Not only fun, but funding, might be helped. The Moonbuggy Race is held by the MSFC in Alabama. Alabama Senator Richard Shelby is the ranking minority member of the Committe on Appropriations subcommitte that deals with NASA.

Since one never knows who will win a Centennial Challenge, it seems wise to at least occasionally specify that Centennial Challenge events (contests, meetings, etc) be held at politically important locations to bring business to these areas.