Thursday, April 17, 2008

GLXP Origin, Social Networking, and Teams

In some of the recent downloads of videos to his X PRIZE Foundation blog, Peter Diamandis describes how and why the Google Lunar X PRIZE started.

William Pomerantz, who is featured in the "how" Lunar X PRIZE video above, tells us about lots of recent GLXP web outreach efforts that I've mentioned before, like YouTube, their Forum, and their newsletter (well, that was the XPF newsletter, but GLXP has one too). He also mentions a lot of others, like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Some of the teams are also getting involved. With links to the various sites, the post makes it easy to try out the various ways to keep track of the Google Lunar X PRIZE. I can't keep track of all of the GLXP Twitter posts, so don't even think about it ...

So, is the Lunar Lander Challenge going on these sites, too?

On the Teams site, Quantum3 (the team featuring Paul Carliner, Courtney Stadd, and Liam Sarsfield) discusses the prize in terms of the human spirit and the media.

I probably posted about these a while ago, when they appeared elsewhere (YouTube?), but there are now (as of Tuesday) also GLXP videos on the Diamandis blog on Blast-Off story and the first 10 GLXP teams.