Monday, April 07, 2008

Google Lunar X PRIZE Summit and More

The Google Lunar X PRIZE site is prominently featuring the Team Summit at the International Space University in Strasbourg France, mentioned earlier in the Pomerantz Report. It's on May 20-21, and there will be a New Team Announcement opportunity. There will be opportunities for teams to learn from people who have managed lunar missions, to meet potentional government and private customers, to learn about and discuss the rules, and more (see the schedule).

Meanwhile, the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams remain active on the GLXP site. Astrobotic posted hardware pictures here, here, and here. ARCA posted a video of their launch sequence. Chandah discusses the hurdles to overcome, and the millionaire market to win. Micro-Space tells us about the virtues of UP Aerospace, and LunaTrex describes how some of their funding will come from a a flying car precursor from team member AirBuoyant.