Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Miscellaneous Prize Comments at Space Access '08

This post just gathers some prize-related comments during Space Access talks that don't otherwise feature prizes (or at least teams that to my knowledge went after prizes) enough to get a whole separate post here.

As I mentioned in the SpeedUp post, the Frontier Astronautics talk by Tim Bendel featured a lot about SpeedUp's Lunar Lander Challenge entry, including videos. He also discussed Masten Space.

In Ben Brockert's talk about SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space), Robin Snelson asked if SEDS is a good place for volunteers for the kinds of things discussed at the conference. Ben mentioned the X PRIZE Cup, which has a lot of volunteers that are SEDS members. He suggests that those interested in getting involved sponsor a competition.

Former Centennial Challenges leader Ken Davidian, in response to a question, ended his presentation with a quick run-down of the different Centennial Challenges and their latest status.

In the Rocketplane Global talk, Chuck Lauer discussed their Microsoft Vista promotion contest that featured a suborbital tourism ride prize. He also talked about a promotion with Nestle France with 2 winning rides on the line, and the possibility of 8 more seats. Here's more about it (link care of RLV News). They also are arranging a contest in India for the TV channel Bindaas.