Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Space Experiment Competition Finalists

Space for All has a post on the Space Experiment Competition that features an article on the 6 finalist teams. The BBC article describes the projects the teams are working on; here's a bit about a couple of the teams:

UK High Altitude Society - an umbrella organisation linking different high altitude projects together in an attempt to provide a forum to share infomation. This involves balloons, airships, rockets and any other projects for exploring the edge of space. Although we are UK based, we welcome people worldwide.

Langton Satellite Team reach the final - a blog post from the Langton Star Centre on their team and the directional cosmic ray detector they're working on. Here's something that should be interesting to the entrepreneurial space people:

we hope to develop our contacts with Virgin Galactic to see how the new detector may be helpful as a safety feature for Space Tourism.