Friday, April 25, 2008

X PRIZE Foundation at FIRST Robotics Competition

I just posted about the FIRST Robotic Championship, but I didn't know some of the X PRIZE folks were there. Here's the picture caption:

(Marc Mathieu, Peter Diamandis, Erik Lindbergh (back), Larry Page, Anousheh Ansari, Hamid Ansari)

From the linked YouTube video, which shows the XPF folks and the challenge excitement:

The X PRIZE Foundation's bi-annual Board of Trustees Meeting took place in Atlanta, Georgia on Apr 19-20, 2008. Vision Circle members and guests were also in attendance to help the Foundation map out future X PRIZES. One of the treats organized was a visit to the FIRST Championship, brain-child of Board Trustee, Dean Kamen. Over 10,000 school children from around 30 countries competed in 3 robotics competitions held in the Georgia Dome.