Sunday, May 04, 2008

Astrobotic Pictures and Unreasonable Jet Vanes

RLV News awaits an announcement on this year's X PRIZE Cup and Lunar Lander Challenge plans ... no word yet, but the wait is not in "vane", as you'll see in the video in this post from Unreasonable Rocket.

Also, the Google Lunar X PRIZE site has 3 more pictures posted from Astrobotic. I'm not going to send you there, but instead to where you'll find yourself if you keep clicking on the pictures: the latest Astrobotic Picasa Web Album. There you'll see the full collection of 14 photos, and be able to get closeups of the pictures more quickly (via photo downloads or slideshows).

Don't neglect the GLXP Teams site version, either - there are comments on those pictures.