Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beam Power Updates from Space Elevator Blog

The Space Elevator Blog has news from the Kansas City Space Pirates. It includes a look back at the Conan O'Brien show spot, a technical milestone, a visit to the ISDC for sponsors, and an offer of some prize money for sponsors. I'm not sure what kind of contract or legal work they'd need, if any, for such a prize arrangement; hopefully they'll take care of such details.

There's also more SE Blog news on how to get to the Conan interview now that the video has been taken down, correspondence with team E-T-C showing the success of a Japanese translation of a space elevator book, a date change for the 2008 Space Elevator Games, space elevator teams at the ISDC, and a Spaceward mockup of the beam power configuration at the games. From the Spaceward site:

The model includes an 8' x 8' foam board terrain box, a 3' balloon, fishing wire cables, a laser pointer, and a static match-box climber.