Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FredNet and Odyssey Moon Team Updates

I've already posted about some of the information mentioned in the latest GLXP Teams updates (FredNet at Maker Faire, FredNet on YouTube, Odyssey Moon and more GLXP at CNN Just Imagine, and GLXP [especially FredNet] at Popular Mechanics), but it's cooler to hear about it from the real people, and there are some items that I missed in my web surfing:

Maker Faire - FredNet (Am I capitalizing it correctly?) starting to get us up to speed with a lot of activity recently ... expect the following soon:

Up Next Post: The Strasbourg Team Summit, Progress made, and an update on the FREDNET team.

Bob Richards Featured on CNN's "Just Imagine" Interstitials- Starting Today! - Loretta Whitesides from Odyssey Moon

Team FREDNET Leader Fred Bourgeois interviewed on the Popular Mechanics Show podcast - FredNet, which also has some comments on the GLXP Popular Mechanics cover story (I have fridge problems so I still haven't gotten to the bookstore ...).