Friday, May 23, 2008

Lunar X PRIZE Vids at YouTube

Here are some Google Lunar X PRIZE videos that I haven't noticed at the site (which doesn't mean they aren't there). They were recently uploaded to YouTube.

Peter Diamandis - GLXP Student Competition - He describes the quick results from the student teams, and the prizes (trips to the X PRIZE Cup and a Shuttle launch).

Peter Diamandis - ARCA's first test launch - From the summary: Peter Diamandis, X PRIZE Foundation's Chairman & CEO, comments on the announcement made by ARCA at the Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit in Strasbourg, France, on May 21, 2008, that they will test launch with hardware in August/September 2008.

Peter Diamandis - GLXP First Team Summit - He overviews the GLXP Team Summit.

Google Lunar X PRIZE First Team Summit Part1 (6 min 30 sec) - From the summary: Part1 contains an introduction from X PRIZE Vice Chairman, Robert Weiss and presentations from Peter Diamandis, Michael Simpson (President, Intl Space, Univ) and Google's Tiffany Montague, GLXP Program Manager.

Google Lunar X PRIZE First Team Summit Part2 (9 min 48 sec) - From the summary: Part 2 contains presentations from Odyssey Moon (Team Leader: Dr. Robert Richards), Astrobotic (Team Leader: William 'Red' Whittaker), Southern California Selene Group (Associate Team Leader: Deborah Castleman) and FREDNET (Team Leader: Fred Bourgeois III).

Google Lunar X PRIZE First Team Summit Part3 (8 min 35 sec) - From the summary: Contains team presentations by ARCA (Team Leader, Dumitru Popescu), LunaTrex (Technical Team Leader: Mary Cafasso), Quantum 3 (Team Leader: Paul Carliner) and Chandah (Team Leader: Adil Jafry).

Google Lunar X PRIZE First Team Summit Part4 (3 min 51 sec) - From the summary: Announcing 4 new contenders with a presentation from the US based JURBAN Team (Team Leader: Dr. Jayfus T. Doswell). The other 3 teams are Advaeros from Malaysia, STELLAR (from the US) and a Mystery Team that has chosen to stay anonymous for now. Stay tuned for more info later.

Also on the GLXP:

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