Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Space Prizes and Awards Every Day at ISDC 2008

The National Space Society is going to hold the 2008 International Space Development Conference starting this Thursday (with a Space Investment Summit on Wednesday). There are lots of things going on there; here are a few that involve space prizes and awards (and I'm probably missing some):

Wednesday (Space Investment Summit):

9:00 Panel: Early Stage Funding: How to Raise Money to Start and Grow Your Space Company - One of the panelists is Adeo Ressi, board member of the X PRIZE Foundation
12:15 Luncheon - Peter Diamandis
2:45 Business Plan Presentations - One of the companies is GLXP competitor Odyssey Moon.


12:00 Luncheon - NSS Space Pioneer Award (as with most of these, jjust part of the luncheon)
4:00 The University of Luna: A Case for Google Sponsorships (perhaps not prize-related, but it could be from the title)
4:00 Community Support of NewSpace Business (Jeff Krukin of GLXP Team STELLAR)
7:00 Dinner - NSS Student Award


12:00 Luncheon: NSS Space Pioneer Award for Education
3:00 Yuri's Night: Overview, Summary of 2008 Events, and Workshop on Hosting Your Own Awesome Space Party - Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides of GLXP Team Odyssey Moon is one of the speakers
5:00 Low Cost Access to Space - Tim Pickens is on the panel, and is involved in the Google Lunar X PRIZE as well as earlier prizes
7:30 Dinner: NSS Heinlein Award - winner: Burt Rutan of SpaceShipOne/Ansari X PRIZE fame


11:00: Space Tourism Panel - Anousheh Ansari of the Ansari X PRIZE is on the panel
12:00 Luncheon: Anousheh Ansari speaks
2:00 Google Lunar X PRIZE - Bob Richards (Odyssey Moon), Paul Carliner, Quantum 3) and Will Pomerantz (X PRIZE Foundation)
3:30 NSS Space Elevator Team Status Update - Bert Murray
NSS Chapter Awards
4:00 Teachers in Space: Pathfinder Selection Competition - Edward Wright
5:20 NSS Space Settlement Contest Student Presentations
7:00 Dinner: NSS Space Pioneer Award
Chris Pancratz Activist of the Year
NSS Excellence Awards

Also, from the Space Elevator Blog, which covers the Space Elevator Games:

KC Space Pirates expected at ISDC

Ted from SE Blog expected at ISDC

Something undefined related to the Space Elevator expected (related to the Games?) at ISDC

The 2008 winners of the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest should be honored at some point at the ISDC, but I'm not sure when that is, or if it's still happening. I didn't notice it on the schedule. John Carmack of Lunar Lander Challenge team Armadillo Aerospace is listed on the main speakers page, but I didn't see him in the detailed schedule, so again I'm not sure what the deal is there. The same is true for America's Space Prize sponsor Robert Bigelow.