Monday, June 16, 2008

Anti Matters

I often can't tell how official or real this kind of thing is, so I just pass them along so you can use your own judgement.

Watch This Space -, "The Blogger Presence of Odyssey Moon Limited" - post by James Antifaev. I'm not sure what they'd do differently there than at the GLXP Teams site, but maybe we will find out.

From a table in the Prince Edward Island Room - Anti Matters - James Antifaev, whose profile indicates he's an ISU graduate student and was involved with the ISU's GLXP Student Competition team. From the post:

I'm working at Odyssey Moon. They are awesome. They will win the Google Lunar X Prize.

I am considering competing in another prize competition, albeit a much smaller one. You could say the prize is almost 'negligible'. That might be a clue. Nothing else to say about it currently as we are still doing feasibility studies.

Here are a couple of older posts at Anti Matters:

Things I Like - NIAC and Centennial Challenges - he encourages the CSA to try to implement their version of these small and innovative NASA programs.

Burt Rutan is the Neil Young of Space - Check the pictures and you'll see why in their expressions. Not only that, but they both go after X PRIZEs - Burt won the Ansari X PRIZE and Neil wants to win the Automotive X PRIZE.