Friday, June 27, 2008

Catching Up

Here are a few recent prize-related posts at RLV News:

Briefs: SIS4 review; ISDC & SIS4 resources - Part of this is Ferris Valyn covering the 4th Space Investment Summit: Space Revolution News - Companies at the Space Investment Summit - Daily Kos - Ferris covers a number of space entrepreneurs, including Ecliptic Enterprises, Odyssey Moon, and the Rocket Racing League, with ties to the Ansari X PRIZE, the Lunar X PRIZE, and Peter Diamandis (and perhaps RRL prizes?), respectively.

Unreasonable FAA application and test video - Unreasonable Rocket has a video on "testing on tower", and also shows FAA application paperwork. Hopefully that will help others follow.

BT and the X PRIZE - This includes a link to an article at Cosmic Log with some new material (for me) on the announcement.