Saturday, June 07, 2008

First Dogs, and next the GLXP Manx

In keeping with the spirit of fair and balanced blogging in the competitive world of cats and dogs after my BonNova canine mascot post, here's the Manx:

Odyssey firms help Mars mission -

Things are looking good for the Manx mission to the moon after two of its contractors supplied equipment to NASA’s Phoenix Mars lander.

MacDonald Dettwiler and Optech Incorporated are both based in Canada and built a laser radar system which is used in the spacecraft’s meteorological station.

ODYSSEY MOON PARTNERS REACH MARS - Bob Richards, CEO Odyssey Moon on Google Lunar X PRIZE site - This goes into more detail than the article above, and provides a link to a Mars weather report based on their work.

While I'm posting on the GLXP, I'll send these, too:

Drawbar Testing 2 - Astrobotic - The video explains the drawbar test.

The rules for the diversity bonus prize aren't clear yet (true also for some other areas and bonuses). FredNet gives some ideas on it on the GLXP Forums. There's also a discussion on preserving historical sites while going for the bonus prize that encourages imaging such sites.