Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Google Founder and Space Adventures

It's not directly related to space prizes, but my news searcher found tons of articles on it with minor references to the Google Lunar X PRIZE:

GOOGLE CO-FOUNDER AIMS FOR SPACE - Cosmic Log - Here I picked one article that happens to cover the subject (Sergei Brin investing in a Space Adventures trip to the ISS) in a lot of detail, and that covers related subjects (some loosely related to the X PRIZE Foundation and the Ansari X PRIZE) as well. I doubt that a lot of the other article have this piece of information:

In a follow-up phone call, Anderson told me that another would-be space traveler - whom he would not name - contacted him just minutes after today's news conference. "I spoke to the person, who just signed up for the No. 2 spot," he said.

In other Google-related news, Google Lunar X PRIZE team Astrobotic posts about a Samsung visit. There are pictures, but the text couldn't have been much shorter. If you check the comments you'll see that Will Pomerantz wants to know more about the visit (and, for what it's worth, I'll second that).