Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lunchtime GLXP Posts

Will Pomerantz twitters that yesterday was a good one for GLXP posts:

It's a good day for #GLXP blogs--there were three blog posts while I was at lunch! Not too shabby. Check 'em out @

The Google Lunar X PRIZE... What Is The Value, Besides Prestige For The Winner? - STELLAR - This is from an earlier post by Jeff Krukin. An excerpt: . When it's all said and done, when the winner's limelight fades as it eventually must, keep your eye on the teams that didn't win. The wiser teams will learn a great deal just by competing and will become players in the space economy.

ARCA's Next Launch - ARCA - They explain why they're skipping a step in their planned incremental improvement strategy.

Three-eyed 3D eyes - Astrobotic - The camera system is shown and described.

Work Breakdown Study (WBS) completed to level 3 - LunaTrex - They're even considering a secondary payload. An unnamed big aerospace company seems to approve with their design.

Vacuum Environmental Testing Underway - Micro-Space - Phil Stooke has a comment

RLV News also mentions the new wave of posts, and is a good place to go (in addition to the GLXP Teams site itself) if you want to comment.