Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pablo de Leon and a Human Spaceflight Course

Pablo de Leon has been involved with several space prize competitions, including the Ansari X PRIZE, the Astronaut Glove Challenge, and ARCA's GLXP effort. He's also involved with an interesting-sounding 1-week summer course on human spaceflight at the University of North Dakota:

The course will consist of a full week of intensive, theoretical classes with an active, hands-on component using the flight and space simulators, flight time in UND airplanes, space suit training and the high altitude chamber at UND. Participants of the workshop can earn a maximum of 3.84 CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

Here's a more graphical overview of the course, and here's the program for the course. It looks like although Pablo is the contact for the course, according to the program there are a number of other instructors during the week.