Monday, June 30, 2008

Smoking Cessation Prize

Continuing my browse of the XPF help wanted postings (no, I'm not looking for a job at the moment, just a post), I see that the Life Sciences area has 2 help wanted postings for the Smoking Cessation Prize. This prize is described in their Cancer Strategic Plan I discussed a while ago. However, I don't recall anything about the prize amount they're thinking about:

X PRIZE Foundation is developing a prize around smoking cessation. A $35M prize purse will be given to the team(s) that gets the greatest number of people to stop smoking for at least one year. By awarding such a large prize, we believe we will motivate talented entrepreneurs to compete for the prize and bring innovative new methods to solving this important public health problem. In order to validate the winning team, we will adopt methods from clinical trial research.