Thursday, July 03, 2008

2008 Space Elevator Conference

2008 Space Elevator Conference - Preliminary Conference Program - The Space Elevator Games will be discussed at the conference, and several team members will be there. The following is a compiled set of cut-and-pastes of talks related to the Games in one way or another from the preliminary program (and I may have missed some):
  • Keynote: Spaceward Competition, Ben Shelef
  • Status quo on Space Elevator tether development as highlighted by NASA’s Tether Challenge at the Spaceward Games, Markus Klettner/Ben Shelef/Bryan Laubscher, Eurospaceward and others.
  • Thin Disc lasers - a robust, scalable source for power beaming applications, Pat Grace/Holger Schlueter, TRUMPF
  • Production of High-Strength-to-Weight Ratio Tethers from Carbon Nanotube Yarns and Textiles, Stephen Steiner III et al., MIT/Nanocomp
  • Thermoelectric Technology and the Space Elevator, David Nemir, TXL Group, Inc.
  • Laser Power Beaming on a Shoestring, Tom Nugent, LaserMotive
  • E-T-C Climber 2008/2009 Status, Akira Tsuchida/Chad Lorsung US/Japanese team Spaceward Power Beaming Competition
  • Maintaining the Space Elevator Ribbon, Ben Shelef, Spaceward
  • Who will build the first, earth-based Space Elevator?, Ted Semon, The SpaceElevatorBlog
  • Why the SE will not be built on Earth, Tom Nugent, Laser Motive