Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aviation Fuels and Technologies Prize Strategy

A week or 2 ago I posted on an Aviation Fuel Prize Investigation that the X PRIZE Foundation is doing for the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center of the Department of Transportation. Today the X PRIZE Foundation posted a press release on this investigation.

U.S. DOT Secretary Mary Peters Announces FAA Grant to the X PRIZE Foundation to Spur Renewable Aviation Fuels and Technologies - X PRIZE Foundation News & Events:

Over the next 14 months, the X PRIZE Foundation will consult with industry experts to develop a strategy to bring together the best minds in the aviation and science communities to solve the technical challenges and speed up the development and implementation of cost-effective renewable aviation fuels and technologies that have an environmental life-cycle benefit and do not present potentially negative side effects, such as the displacement of food production or the inducement of land use changes that lead to additional greenhouse gas emissions.

I'm not sure if the press release came out later because some i's and t's still needed to be dotted and crossed, or something like that. From what I saw on the 'Net it looked like it was official a couple months ago, but I could easily be missing something. At any rate, it will be interesting to see the details of the aviation fuel strategy they come up with, and whether or not an exciting innovation prize competition results.