Saturday, July 26, 2008

Regolith PR, CU Spaceflight, GLXP Teams and Plans

Briefs: Rutan and Branson at Oshkosh; Regolith Excavation - RLV News - NASA has a press release on the Regolith Excavation Challenge, and Dispatches from the Final Frontier gives some inormation about WK2 and Mojave/Oshkosh.

CU Spaceflight sets UK amateur balloon altitude record [Update] - RLV News - The Cambridge University Spaceflight team is helping to lower the cost of space access in multiple ways. Now they're an N-Prize team.

Briefs: Lunar engine test; GLXP plans; Lunar sites visitation rules - RLV News - This post covers interesting GLXP posts. LunaTrex talks about making money while winning the GLXP, perhaps in response to a Mystery Team post making that sound difficult. Odyssey Moon celebrates their recent string of big announcements. There are, by the way, several more recent GLXP posts that I haven't mentioned, including Mystery Team unveiling plans, STELLAR meetings, FredNet conferencing, and Astrobotic robot festivities. It's tough to keep up! (and cetainly I won't be able to pretty soon).

Another link at the RLV News is on the discussions, largely started because of the GLXP bonus prize for historical site viewing, on lunar site preservation. Philip Stooke, a lunar mapping scientist who is a commenter at the GLXP Forums on this and other subjects, is featured in the article. He mentioned that he'd map routes for viewing the sites without disturbing them on the Forums, but I'm not sure if he presented those maps at the conference.