Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eurospaceward 2008

The Space Elevator Blog posts on the Eurospaceward Conference, which, like the recent Space Elevator Conference, has a lot of speakers and topics related to the Space Elevator Games:

There will be again a special focus on attracting young university researchers to stimulate
European team building and networking on the NASA Beam Power and Tether Challenges.

A small sample of the speakers includes Petro (I'm guessing NASA Centenial Challenges' Andrew Petro) on "NASA PB&T Challenges 2008-2010 and beyond", a Climber Workshop with Bert Murray (NSS Space Elevator Team), Akira Tsuchida (ETC Team), and Andreas Hein (Tesla Team), and Dr. Bryan Laubscher (Industrial Nano LLC) discussing "Results/analysis of tether competition 2008" and "Analysis of competition teams". Well-known SE Games personalities like Ben Shelef and Dr. Brad Edwards will also speak.