Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Google Lunar FedEx Prize?

Will ARCA Become The Lunar FedEx Of The Future? - Colony Worlds wonders if ARCA's balloon-launch method will allow them to license their methods to big package delivery companies for delivering packages to big space organizations setting up shop on the Moon.

The X PRIZE Foundation sent out their July email newsletter. The Space Fellowship has the text here. You may want to subscribe to the newsletter if you want the numerous links and pictures.

"U.S. Finds It's Getting Crowded Out There" (Washington Post article title, July 9, 2008) - STELLAR (GLXP Teams site) - STELLAR continues the conversation about European GLXP teams. They note that the article discusses strong government and government-supported industry efforts across the world, but doesn't mention much entrepreneurial activity.

Also see this STELLAR Rover Video shown by the X PRIZE Foundation Launch Pad.

MIT class asks: Fly me to the moon? - MIT News - I posted on the MIT health-care X PRIZE class, but I don't recall this one about an MIT class considering whether the university should enter the GLXP. The MIT News article is dated May 21, and it says a decision should be made on the financial and business side in about 6 weeks.