Monday, July 14, 2008

LaserMotive Press Release

LaserMotive Announces Successful Completion of Drive System Endurance Test for Company’s Entry in the 2008 Space Elevator Games - Business Wire - Some excerpts:

LaserMotive, an independent research and development company specializing in laser power beaming technology, today announced that it has successfully tested its first climber prototype for its entry in the 2008 Space Elevator Games.


Laser power beaming is an emerging technology that enables the wireless transfer of energy using laser light with a wide variety of commercial applications, from unmanned aerial vehicles to solar energy in space. In the Space Elevator, a revolutionary way to send cargo and humans into space, laser power beaming would be used to power vehicles up and down a high strength tether stretching 62,000 miles.

Vehicle Prototype Endurance Test - LaserMotive - Another excerpt.

We’re not releasing exact details just yet, but suffice it to say that the test exceeded the speed and distance requirements set by the Spaceward Foundation for the full $2 million NASA-sponsored prize for this year’s Power Beaming Challenge.

A video of the test is included.