Thursday, July 31, 2008

Luna Philosophie and Centennial Challenges

August 5, 2008: Partnering with NASA-- Innovation through Collaboration - NASA CoLab - The Yahoo Brickhouse in San Francisco will host Doug Comstock from NASA IPP. Centennial Challenges will be featured:

Part of the talk will focus on IPP's Centennial Challenges Program, NASA's 'citizen inventor' program, with an upcoming event in Santa Rosa for a "Green Prize" for aviation transportation.

Some topics to discuss include:
* How do you successfully foster innovation in large organizations?
* How do partnerships factor into the future of NASA?
* What are some of the most surprising benefits of space technology to the general public?

Here's more about Luna Philosophie:

Luna Philosophie is regular salon and discussion coordinated by NASA CoLab . They occur on (or close to) Full Moons in San Francisco, as part of CoLab's efforts to bring NASA and space exploration to the San Francisco Bay Area community.