Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lunar X PRIZE Testing, Regulation, and Globalization

Communications Progress - Micro-Space - A lot of the discussion is on cost-effective testing of new space hardware in a suitable environment.

The potential GLXP OpenLuna Team lists Micro-Space as a contractor for "Lander Systems, Micro-sized Flight Systems".

Yeah, Where -Are- the European Teams? - The Launch Pad - Will re-asks the STELLAR question in the first of a 2-part post in interview form.

More on NOAA Licensing - The Launch Pad - The remote sensing law discussion continues. One of the cool things about prizes like the GLXP is that often they pave ground not just in technical innovation, but in other areas like business, ethics, and yes, regulation. The Land Remote Sensing Act and Apollo (etc) site preservation discussions are prime examples.