Sunday, July 27, 2008

Personal Spaceflight Events

Here are a couple from Personal Spaceflight:

RRL Oshkosh Preview - This covers a Rocket Racing League press conference. An excerpt:

A slide during Whitelaw’s presentation included the Reno Air Races in September, the Nellis AFB show in Las Vegas in November, and the X Prize Cup. Wait, how is that last one possible since there won’t be a formal X Prize Cup event this year, only the Lunar Lander Challenge (LLC) competition that will not be open to the public? “There is another event that is X Prize-driven,” he said, apparently referring to the LLC. “So I think we’re either going to fly there, or we’re going to have our own standalone event in Las Cruces in late October or early November.”

It would be nice if that happened, especially if it's timed to blend into the International Symposium on Personal and Commercial Spaceflight. There's already a Space Week planned there, including a tour:

Join us for an all day tour of some of the cutting edge programs taking place in Southern New Mexico. Tour will include the Labs and Propulsion Test Areas of White Sands Test Facility, the High Speed Sled and other stops at Holloman Air Force Base

WK2 rollout anticipation - Yes, I realize the White Knight 2 isn't shooting for a prize, but there's a close historical connection to the White Knight carrier that helped SpaceShipOne win the Ansari X PRIZE.