Thursday, July 31, 2008

Regolith Excavation Challenge Countdown

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Here's a sample twitter post:

Received word today that NASA personnel will be attending the Regolith Challenge from Ames, Dryden, Glenn, HQ, JPL, Johnson, and Kennedy.

Regolith Excavation Challenge a Goldmine for Media - Sane PR - From the press release:

"We are attracting more electronic media this year for the challenge in contrast to magazines last year,” explains CSA/CSEWI Regolith Media Advisor Wil Simon. "Clearly, the regolith competition is visually rich, but the increase in competing teams has also given journalists a lot more interview material to work with this year.”

Media entities confirmed to attend include: Flight 33 Productions/Discovery Channel, NASA Videographer Steve Parcel, Crewestone Technologies/NASA and National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) educational videos, Planetary Society Radio, The Space Show, LAUNCH Magazine, Celestial Mechanics, The Crew-Strike TV, Ken Brown Aerospace Photojournalism, and Santa Maria Times.

Governor Rooting for Regolith Victory - I-Newswire

The Space Show - From the Space Show newsletter:

The Sunday, August 3, 2008 program will consist of taped interviews from the Regolith Challenge being held on the campus of Cal Poli in San Luis Obispo, California. As soon as the program is listed on the website, it will be available for play or download. Due to my return travel from Cal Poli, its possible this program will not be made available until early evening but check the website because as soon as you see it, you will be able to play or download the program. There is no actual start time for this show as it will be available all the time once its uploaded to the website. Should you have questions or comments for any of those interviewed, please use the email addresses given out during the interview or send your comments to me at and I will make certain the guest receives them.

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