Saturday, July 19, 2008

Unreasonable, Masten, and Armadillo

I'm going to group all of these together as a Lunar Lander Challenge post, although I don't know in every case if they are actively going after the 2008 Challenge, and many activities they do aren't about the LLC.

The Space Fellowship and RLV News cover the latest Masten Space post: StartupRiot, Fall Interns. It's worthwhile to see the Startup Riot pitch video on the page to see their partners, customers, and investment status.

RLV News points to some new photos of Armadillo rocket plumes and more.

Finally, RLV News and the Space Fellowship get the status on Unreasonable Rocket: Telemetry, Software, GPS, and progress. The discussion includes embedded software efforts, the crushing effects of 1 G, FAA status, welding, media exposure, and sponsorship.