Monday, August 04, 2008

Automotive X PRIZE Route, Politics, and Tesla Accident

Barack Obama targets 1 million PHEVs by 2015 - X PRIZE Cars speculates on the effect Obama's energy plan would have on the Automotive X PRIZE Teams, and enjoys watching the 2 main Presidential candidates battle it out to see who is the most fuel efficiency-supporting candidate.

There's also a recent post about the Goodwin-Young: Linc-Volt (as in Neil Young), Automotive X PRIZE entry and a news roundup with lots of articles about the first Tesla crash (ALREADY?!?), registration being officially open for the PAXP, and more. One article mentions possible locations for parts of the race:

The race probably will pass through Ohio and Michigan on at least one leg, Ms. Fox said. "There are a number of cities in Ohio [and Michigan] that are interested. We'll probably announce those cities this fall," she said.

The foundation is in discussions with Indianapolis about holding a leg of the race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where entrants could display their top speeds.