Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lunar Lander and Lunar X PRIZE Roundup - August 21, 2008

The FAA's Vision for Spaceflight - Cosmic Log - George Neild is interviewed, and the GLXP is the subject of one of the questions.

More on Regulation - The Launch Pad - Alan Boyle's interview is discussed (and the GLXP section is included). The NOAA regulations affecting the GLXP are also considered.

Stakeholder Survey - The Launch Pad - Will gives some background on the survey I recently posted about.

Team Stellar featured in Raleigh News & Observer - The Launch Pad - This mentions the STELLAR meeting.

Here's another local article on the meeting: Raleigh's Team Stellar works toward prize - Technician Online (NC State student paper). An excerpt:

There's only one snag in the project: funding. Team Stellar still needs to raise $200,000 -- counting money, sponsorship and in-kind donations -- to keep the project going, according to Dick Dell, a member of the team and executive director of the Advanced Vehicle Research Center.

A lot more is needed in the long run to finish. I think the article has a mistake about using the Shuttle, though ...

Armadillo Aerospace update - RLV News

You can hear more about Armadillo, as well as TrueZero and the LLC, at the recent multi-guest Space Show interview (kind of in reverse order of how I listed them here).