Saturday, August 02, 2008

Regolith Challenge Event and Teams Ready

Preparations Complete - Matt's Blog at the California Space Authority - The Regolith Excavation Challenge is ready to go:

Several of the excavators were revealed today, making for a nice team check-in and reception. We got to quiz some of the teams about their designs and all of the staff and judges are excited to see them operating over the next couple of days. Some of the teams will continue working on their excavators until the final deadline at 7:00 AM, when they have to turn them over for judge inspection. ... The excavation hardware will be on static display throughout the event for spectators to view.

Audreyln briefly mentions one of the teams in the Regolith Challenge, which lets me know about the latest post or two from LunOreDiggers. You can see a picture of their excavator in the 2nd post; click away and you can zoom in on it in Flickr.

The teams are still commenting about significant events in their efforts at that TechRanch post.

I don't recall a Boppers team link before. It takes you to a YouTube page with lots of newly loaded videos. Their entry is called LunarBopper1, and you get a lot of looks at it, the team members, and the workshop in the videos. The "Boppers Video Submission" one is particularly instructive in showing how it works.