Monday, September 08, 2008

Culpeper Battle of the Rockets

Spring Battle of the Rockets registration is now open - Rocketry Planet - I was going to summarize it, but it seems like my summary will be as long as the original, so I'll just include the whole press release:

The spring Battle of the Rockets will be held April 4, 2009 in Culpeper, VA. The competition is open to high school, university, and college teams.

The competition will be composed of multiple events. For high schools, the competition includes G Motor Altitude Event where teams design a rocket to reach the highest altitude possible, the Mars Lander event where teams must launch a rocket and deploy a lander module to land in its upright position. By popular demand, the competition is including a cansat event where high school teams design and build a "satellite" in a soda can and launch it on a rocket to perform a mission.

For universities and colleges, there is the Mars Lander event on a larger scale and an altitude event on an H motor.

Check out for the competition guides. Registration is due by September 30.