Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Energy and Environment Prize Idea" Prize

The neXt PRIZE discusses an article in the Economist, and mentions a plan to get you involved with the next Energy and Environment X PRIZE:

They hinted in the article, rightly so, that we would be announcing a new way to get the public involved in deciding what the next X PRIZE in Energy and the Environment.

Here's more about the hint from the article:

At present, anyone with a bright idea for an energy or environmental prize can submit it with an online form. But just to make sure that everyone with a great idea gets involved, the foundation will also announce on the September 10th a prize for proposing prizes. So, even if you can't save the world, you might be able to design a prize that can—and win something in the process.

Here are a few more fuel efficiency items:

The Zen of ZENN: Clean driving - The News Tribune.com (link from X PRIZE Foundation news scroller)

Automotive X Prize News: Sept 7, 2008 - There's 2 weeks worth of links this time. I've gone through about half of them, and it all seems to be unique, interesting content.