Monday, September 15, 2008

Google Android I Results

There are couple new posts on the MIT News contests and academic competitions archive. I'll just discuss the most recent one:

MIT class project gets a gold star from Google - 'Locale' will let Android cell phones adjust to surroundings ... A team of MIT students walked away from their spring-semester course with a lot more than just an A and six credits: They just won a $275,000 top prize from Google for the application they developed for the company's new open-source Android cell-phone system.

Here's more information on it from the Google Android site: Locale. The GPS satellite constellation plays a role:

Locale allows users to manage and create locations using an intuitive interface based on the Maps API. ... Users specify locations, times, and other conditions to trigger on. Location conditions utilize Android's location API for high precision GPS positioning.

Here are more winners, some with space contributions or potential space contributions. As you might expect for a mobile device, there are too many location-based applications to list. These are likely to include GPS satellites as an input data source. Perhaps (I didn't check) some also include Google Maps/Google Earth style satellite map data.

There are also a few weather applications. I'm pretty sure the "weather layers" either involve satellite data (probably combined with ground-based radars, etc), or could be extended to include satellite data.

The Weather Channel for Android
iMap Mobile

The overall contest includes a total of $10M in prize money, awarded for different "phases" and "rounds" and prize levels. The Challenge II round happens after the handsets come out.