Monday, September 22, 2008

Prize Roundup - September 22, 2008

More Unreasonable tethered test flights - RLV News

India announces New Moon Mission - Googlokhod (not yet registered GLXP Team) - After all those years of a roverless Moon, there is now government competition for the private GLXP Teams ...

SAGAS OF SCIENCE AND SOCIETY - Cosmic Log - The topic is this year's crop of award-winning science sagas, as selected by the National Association of Science Writers. ... The winners, who were chosen by a panel of their peers, will be honored on Oct. 26 during the association's annual meeting in Palo Alto, Calif. This year's awards carry a cash prize of $2,500.

The power of wireless - neXt PRIZE (X PRIZE Foundation future prizes) - They explain: One of the many areas that the Global Development team is looking to build a Global Development X PRIZE in is the wireless space. ...

Update (September 22 2008 evening):

Mike from the X PRIZE Foundation is looking for a translation for an article in Russian about, and linked by, Googlokhod.

The GLXP Teams page has a lot of interesting posts today. I'm not generally covering it here because of volume and time considerations (since you can just go there!), but today I'll make an exception.

Former NASA Kennedy Space Center Director Jay Honeycutt Announced As President of Odyssey Moon U.S. Operations - Odyssey Moon

Team Retreat - LunaTrex

Astrobotic has several commented pictures; in my haste I won't link each one (see the GLXP Teams page). However, I will pass this along: 20 yrs of undergraduate research - Students work on Lunar X prize project - The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon University's student newspaper

Google Lunar X PRIZE at IAC (International Astronautical Congress) - Becky Ramsey at the XPF's Launch Pad - She mentions recruiting for new GLXP teams, but it could also be a good way to get professionals interested in signing up with existing teams.

Space 2.0 in-depth part IV - Space 2.0 Blog, Official Blog of the 8th Continent Project - This post features a runner-up in the Lunar Ventures competition, and their business with concurrent space and Earth applications:

ViraTag, comprised of Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University students, is able to solve an important health care demand with their space-derived technology. The company has developed in-vitro diagnostic virus detection kits for quick, efficient, cost-effective, and extremely accurate identification of viruses. ViraTag’s applications derived from the need to monitor the health of astronauts in space.