Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Space Prize Roundup - September 30, 2008

Here are a few quick ones:

NG-LLC update... - RLV News - In addition to the LLC location and schedule information, Unreasonable Rocket notes the following: Now that the vehicle is flying my son is in the process of taking all the spare parts and building a duplicate. As the Armadilo guys told me don’t get too attached to your vehicle ... we did not build a mueum peice, we built a flight vehicle and when it is eventually lost thats part of the game.

Academic news in brief - Rocketry Association holds training class - Huntsville Times on TARC

Coincidence - Communion Blog - Of the Heinlein Centennial, XCOR, TGV Rockets, Falcon 1, and the Google Lunar X PRIZE. (Sorry for the odd style; I'm reading a Fritz Leiber fantasy book).

Anderson Airport to Host Rocket Test - CityOfAnderson.com - The Anderson Municipal Airport will be the site of a live, static rocket engine test on Saturday, October 11, as the University of Dayton Advanced Rocket Team (UDART) completes static testing of its kerosene-liquid oxygen systems. ... Testing will be fueled by a new fuel mix, a partial bio-fuel, which will also be tested for consistency. The engine for the UDART rocket is a donated Vernier engine from an Atlas rocket. ... the two are team members of Team LunaTrex, now competing for the Google Lunar X Prize ...

International Workshop-Lunar Surface Wireless Comm - Oct 13 - posted on the GLXP Forums - Since the posted link is a bit messed up, I'll note that it's referencing this (PDF): The goal of the workshop is to initiate an exploratory dialog among the various stake-holders of the CCSDS member agencies, in the space mission community, interested commercial communications companies, and CCSDS technical standardization working groups. Topics include the advantages, disadvantages and potential application of COTS-derived wireless standards in support of planetary surface communications.

ARCA update - RLV News

TrueZer0 flight video - RLV News